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International air transportation services

International air transportation services

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International air transport has won itself a whopping market with its rapid, secured and accurate efficiency, which largely shorts the delivery phase and has such characteristics as rapidness and mechanic operating. It is an indispensable part for transport of valuable articles, fresh cargoes and precise instruments in the international trade.
V Container International is a professional international cargo proxy company. Our company has formed close and sound partnership with many domestic and overseas airline companies including CA, MU, WS, TK and so on. Its freight airlines have covered main international ports throughout the world. Our company has wrapper sheet and compartment charting business for global airlines with a competitive edge in terms of freight price and shipping space. It can serve as agent for customs clearance of air freight, customs clearance, supervision, transportation, business check, and flora and fauna inspection and quarantine.
The company has strict and completed business operation flow in terms of operation. It follows standardization operation throughout the whole process from cargo pick-up to delivery. It carries out whole-process information trailing and check on cargoes it accepts for carriage so that customers can timely master information of shipping cargos. The company can help customers with chemical appraisal and magnetic check on cargoes.
International air transportation services
Components for air transportation enquiry:
1. Product name (whether hazardous articles are contained)
2. Weight (whether charging is concerned), size (size and whether bulky cargo is needed)
3.Package (whether it is wooden box and whether tray is installed or not)
4. Destination airport (whether it has basic spot)
5.Required time (direct flight or switched flight)
6.Flight required (service and price difference of all airlines)
7.Category of bill of lading (main bill and branch bill)
8.Transport services needed (means of custom clearance, proxy documents, whether customs clearance and dispatching is needed)
International air transportation services
Procedure on cargo export via air freight
Cargo pick-up, preservation of flight, delivery of cargos to the airport, preparation of bills on customs clearance, transaction of warehousing, document preparation, custom clearance via forms, delivery in airport, flight take-off
International air transportation services
Airway bill template:
International air transportation services

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