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IRAN Specialty

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Customs clearance, also known as clearance, refers to procedures to be performed following various rules, regulations and stipulations when import, export or transfer cargoes enter or retreat from the customs areas. Cargoes can be discharged and cargo owners or declarants can pick up cargoes only such procedures as customs declaration, acceptance check, tax levying and discharging are transacted. Likewise, various transport tools that carry import and export cargoes should also transact customhouse declaration and transact procedures on customhouse to get approval for customhouse. During the customs clearance period, import, export or transfer cargoes should be under supervision of customhouses and should not be freely circulating.
Our company has open custom clearance companies in local Teheran, Iran that can undertake custom clearance in Iran and transfer business in countries surrounding Ira. It mainly incorporates customhouse services in Bandar, ABBAS, BUSHEHR, KHORRAMSHARHR and other ports. After the custom clearance is done, they can be assigned to appointed warehouses following customers’ requirements. Custom clearance company is familiar with policy trends on customhouses in Iran and would timely notify destination port of domestic companies on trends of customhouse policies.
IRAN Specialty
How to choose custom clearance means by import cargoes in Iran
For import cargos, customhouse allows two means other than temporary entry: general trade customs clearance for import and import via fast freight. They feature respective advantages.
IRAN Specialty
Advantages and drawbacks of general trade
Generally speaking, trade declaration has the advantages of importing the required goods and materials in large batches and providing all the taxes levied by customs as well as related costs. The provided taxes can achieve the effects of tax credits and tax rebates for enterprises. However, there are great import limitations for general trade; first of all, general trade cannot reflect its advantages for bulk cargos and relatively urgent cargos because it requires relatively long time of customs clearance and also requires that imported cargos must independently use trailers as well as independent customs entries, which will improve the cost of imported cargos and prolong the time. The general trade is more suitable for production raw materials, mechanical production lines and other high-value cargos in large quantities.
Advantages of fast freight import
Fast freight import has obvious advantages. Firstly, it does not need cargo owners to provide the documents and related proofs of cargos; secondly, the data it requires only refers to commercial invoices and packing lists of cargos, so fast freight import needs shorter time and higher speed, specifically, the process from cargo acceptance to import customs clearance for hinterland is generally one to two days. The import of a relatively large quantity of cargos can be declared in batches, so a large batch of cargos can be imported in a fast freight import mode. The fast freight import is more suitable for IC, communication products, alcohols, cosmetics, precious leather products, small-tonnage machines, etc.
Different cargos should be imported in different import customs clearance modes; generally, customers care about the time required by cargo import, customs clearance cost and cargo safety during import customs clearance. If you can grasp the way of import customs clearance correctly, results will certainly be doubled.
IRAN Specialty

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