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Pilot's message

Pilot's message

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Believe in those early days, we have no difference with other most peers from yiwu, do the ordinary shipping agent, air freight agent, trailer and customs clearance agent etc, no rich shipping companies, airlines, customs, business cooperation resources, also does not have the good policy support, the only owner and export business to survive in the cracks.
With global information transparency, freight profit, traditional agents model almost no living space, also slightly changing in transportation service industry, to specialization, the development of supply chain, the service needs of customers is not a simple transportation agency, logistics in an exhibition, we scour all the exhibition carefully, find that show the forwarder is very distinctive, strong professional level, and their own forwarder in this exhibition is useless, nothing special, the in the mind secretly out for a walk, which is the value, don't come out for a walk, change enterprise, only to die.
In order to survive, international logistics enterprises can no longer be so obsessed with price differentials, but must have extended services, featured services, supply chain services and innovative business models. By virtue of the infiltration of the industry, the capacity of resource integration. We understand that if we want to be an excellent enterprise, it should be permeated like water. The only way out is to take customers as the center and permeate all links of the whole logistics, including transportation, warehousing, customs clearance, distribution and delivery, and build a professional international logistics supply chain service enterprise.
Our business direction began to change, and the goal was more clear. We successively established customs declaration and inspection company, import and export company, special line express company, set up branches in target countries, infiltrated international supply chain links in target countries (customs clearance, dispatch customs, port of destination storage), and established targeted special line services. We are not simply engaged in customs declaration and inspection business, import and export agent business, international cargo transport business, we are engaged in the "import and export door to door" services. We serve international trade. We strive to integrate and optimize all the resources that have been deposited in the past and will be developed in the future to be integrated and optimized. We provide customers with the optimal international supply chain solution, which saves customers' heart, effort and cost.
Our logistics enterprises must be honest, pragmatic, innovative and win-win. Treat every entrustment to want to do fine, do fine, do what the client wants, every entrustment should be the most important entrustment.
Fulfilling our commitment ,Cayyring your great trust.