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Inspection and supervision of import and export hazardous chemicals and their packaging

Inspection and supervision of import and export hazardous chemicals and their packaging

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In order to thoroughly implement the important instructions and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on work safety supervision, further strengthen the inspection and supervision of imported hazardous chemicals, and effectively safeguard national port safety and public safety, Inspection on the packing of about import and export of dangerous chemicals and its regulatory announcements concerning the issues (the General Administration of Customs announcement no. 129, 2020) (hereinafter referred to as the "announcement no. 129") in January 10, 2021 formally implemented, for the convenience of enterprises know more about the customs reforms, makes the reform more vitality and competitiveness, is the related policy and operation change interpretations are as follows:
I. Scope of inspection: The customs shall conduct inspection on the import and export hazardous chemicals listed in the National Catalogue of Hazardous Chemicals (latest edition).
Notice no. 129 makes it clear that the scope of inspection is dangerous chemicals in the Catalogue of Dangerous Chemicals (latest edition), and dangerous goods that do not belong to dangerous chemicals are not within the scope of inspection. The Ministry of Emergency Management is responsible for organizing the determination, publication and adjustment of the Catalogue of hazardous chemicals. Enterprises can check the latest edition of the Catalogue of Hazardous Chemicals on the official website of the Ministry of Emergency Management.
The latest edition of the Hazardous Chemicals Catalogue can be found in the emergency tube
Management department official website inquiry.
2. Import declaration: when the consignee or its agent of imported hazardous chemicals declares at the customs, the declaration shall include the danger category, packaging category (except for bulk products), United Nations Dangerous Goods Number (UN number), United Nations Dangerous Goods package mark (UN mark) (except for bulk products), etc.
Compared with the Announcement no. 30 in 2012, the announcement no. 129 further clarified the declaration content of enterprises, with stronger applicability and further strengthened the main responsibility of enterprises.
1. How to declare the name of inspection and quarantine when the goods belong to dangerous chemicals?
When declaring hazardous chemicals, the inspection and quarantine name corresponding to HS code should be the corresponding dangerous goods name. For example: HS code 3906909000, when the goods belong to dangerous chemicals should choose the inspection and quarantine name of other primary shape acrylic polymer (flammable liquid), type of flammable liquid.
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2. The goods themselves are non-hazardous chemicals, but the HS code is the same as that of hazardous chemicals. How to fill in the declaration?
Non-hazardous chemicals with the same HS code as hazardous chemicals shall be selected as "Non-hazardous chemicals" in the "Goods Property column" of the single window declaration interface.
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Application information
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3. If the product is a dangerous chemical but not a dangerous goods, do I need to fill in the danger information?
For the goods that belong to dangerous chemicals but are not dangerous goods, select "dangerous chemicals in bulk" or "Dangerous chemicals in packages" in the "Goods Attribute column" of the single window declaration interface, select "Yes" in the "Dangerous Goods Information" column of "Non-Dangerous Goods", and do not need to fill in other columns of "Dangerous Goods Information".
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Application information
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Iii. Materials required for declaration of imported hazardous chemicals:
(1) Declaration of Conformity of Import Hazardous Chemicals Enterprises;
(2) For products that need to be added with inhibitors or stabilizers, the name and quantity of the actual added inhibitors or stabilizers shall be provided;
(3) Samples of Hazard labels in Chinese (except bulk products, the same below) and Safety data sheets in Chinese.
Compared with the Announcement No. 30 in 2012, Announcement No. 129 further improves the Declaration of Conformity of Import Hazardous Chemicals Enterprises by removing the word "business" from the name of the declaration and extending the scope of application. The contents of the declaration elements add the types of dangerous chemicals, and make clearer provisions on the declaration obligations of enterprises, which are more applicable and further strengthen the responsibility of enterprises.
Declaration of conformity
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4. Export Declaration: The consignor or its agent of export hazardous chemicals shall provide the following materials when reporting to the Customs for inspection:
(1) Declaration of Conformity of Export Hazardous Chemicals Production Enterprises;
(2) Inspection Results of Packing Performance of Outbound Goods (except for bulk products and dangerous goods which are exempted from international regulations);
(3) a report on classification and identification of hazardous characteristics;
(4) Hazardous public labels (except for bulk products, the same below), safety data sheet samples, if foreign samples, should provide the corresponding Chinese translation;
(5) For products that need to be added with inhibitors or stabilizers, the name and quantity of the actual added inhibitors or stabilizers shall be provided.
Compared with Notice no. 30 of 2012, Notice No. 129 extends the scope of exemption from providing inspection Results of Packing Performance for Outbound Shipments of Goods from the original bulk products to bulk products and international regulations exempting the use of dangerous goods packaging, for example, according to the Recommendation on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG), Those meeting the relevant exemption conditions such as limited quantity are not required to provide the packing performance inspection result sheet, which makes the 129 bulletin more applicable and maneuverable.
Performance inspection result sheet
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Declaration of export compliance
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An import and export enterprise of hazardous chemicals shall ensure that the hazardous chemicals meet the following requirements
(1) Mandatory requirements of China's national technical specifications (applicable to imported products);
(2) Relevant international conventions, rules, treaties, agreements, protocols and memoranda;
(3) Technical regulations and standards of the importing country or region (applicable to export products);
(4) technical specifications and standards designated by the General Administration of Customs and the former AQSIQ.
Compared with the Announcement no. 30 in 2012, the main changes in the Announcement No. 129 are to further clarify the main responsibilities of import and export enterprises of hazardous chemicals, which is more conducive to safe production. At the same time, "technical requirements higher than the provisions of (1) to (4) of this Article in trade contracts" were deleted to further focus on gate security.